Primary and Secondary

Patient was initially seen in our office at 3 months of age following a left obstetrical brachial plexus injury. She had not recovered elbow flexion at 3 months of age and therefore scheduled for surgery.

Patient was found to have a large neuroma of her brachial plexus and underwent neurolysis and grafting to the brachial plexus. She was then placed in physical therapy for the following year and a half.

During her recovery, the patient was noted to recover deltoid and biceps functions. However, she was also noted to develop a muscle imbalance to the arm and shoulder limiting her abduction and external rotation. The patient was then scheduled for a secondary procedure at 2 years of age to rebalance the shoulder muscles and repair the axillary nerve.

Following a 2 year period of physical therapy patient has recovered shoulder function and elbow flexion with improved positioning of her arm as senn.



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